How long does the product take to ship?

Processing takes 2-5 business days. 

Priority shipping is 1-2 business days. 

Ground shipping is 4-5 business days.

If you choose UPS as an option we may send it USPS (we want to get it to you in a timely manner)

Change of Address

There will be a $5 charge for change of address or rerouting packages after your order has been processed.  After orders have been fulfilled and shipped it is the responsibility of the customer to manage their deliver through the appropriate provider.

Returns & Exchanges

Our popcorn is popped daily to ensure all orders are delivered fresh.  Since all shipments are perishable and made to order, there will be no returns or exchanges offered and all sales are final.  Shipment damages or losses must be noted and brought to the attention of the delivery service upon delivery date.

What is the shelf life of Spiked Corn?

Average shelf life for sweet Popcorn is between 2 to 3 weeks. We put a candy coating on our popcorn, which helps it last almost 30 days.

What’s the difference between Wholesale and Distributor?

Wholesaler - A person who buys product at a reduced rate and resell.

Distributor - A person who buys product at a reduced rate and sell to people that want to buy the product also can sell to others who want to resell the product.

How many bags do I need to purchase to become a wholesaler or distributor? 

Wholesaler requirement is a minimum of 50 bags. Order online at any time.

Distributor requirement is a minimum of 250 bags.  Please Contact info@spikedcorn.com

Need a direct contact?